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Adam Hall Multikabel 16 send 4 retur 30 meter - Trommel

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20 kanals scenebox på trommel med 16 send og 4 retur kabler, 30 meter lengde

Compact multicore with a length of 30 metres and 16 send paths and four return paths, mounted in a stable metal basket on four casters with a stage box integrated directly in the drum. Easily tranportable, space-saving due to stackability, and flexible in use. The additionally reinforced transition to the terminations prevents wear and cable breakage. Equipped with Adam Hall XLR connectors.
Product type: Pre-assembled Cables
Type: Multicore cable
Channels: 20
Pin-out: 16/4
Length: 30 m
Colour: Black
Cable diameter: 20.4 mm
Cross section: 0.314 mm²
Connector 1-A (built into drum / stage box): XLR
Number of connectors connector 1-A: 16
Gender of connector 1-A: female
Poles of connector 1-A: 3
Contacts of connector 1-A: Nickel-silver
Manufacturer of connector 1-A: Adam Hall
Model number connector 1-A: Custom-made
Connector 1-B (built into drum / stage box): XLR
Number of connectors connector 1-B: 4
Gender of connector 1-B: male
Poles of connector 1-B: 3
Contacts of connector 1-B: Nickel-silver
Manufacturer of connector 1-B: Adam Hall
Model number connector 1-B: Custom-made
Connector 2-A (splice): XLR
Number of connectors connector 2-A: 16
Gender of connector 2-A: male
Poles of connector 2-A: 3
Contacts of connector 2-A: Nickel-silver
Manufacturer of connector 2-A: Adam Hall
Model number connector 2-A: Custom-made
Connector 2-B (splice):XLR
Number of connectors connector 2-B: 4
Gender of connector 2-B: female
Poles of connector 2-B: 3
Contacts of connector 2-B: Nickel-silver
Manufacturer of connector 2-B: Adam Hall
Model number connector 2-B: Custom-made
Splice length: 60 cm
Width: 630 mm
Height: 550 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Other features: Castors for cable drum included